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Trucking Business Owners Management Organization - CITBM

The Chartered Institute Of Trucking Business Management is a not-for-profit association of trucking business professionals, dedicated to strengthening the trucking business operations, and upholding the highest standards of practice.



We’re a strategic partner for organizations, helping them to improve their human resources capabilities, and retain top talent through continuous professional development.

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Chartered Institute of Trucking Business Management understands the need for career advancement of pioneer members in the trucking and logistics industry.

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The Institute

The institute governs the activities of its members in the field of trucking business operations and management, trucking business information technology etc.

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Strategic partner for corporate organizations

The Chartered Institute of Trucking Business Management of Canada is the most prominent professional body for those seeking career development in trucking business operations. The institute was founded by a number of people from the profession, who recognized the need to develop professional standards in trucking operations & management; as well as increase the number of trained and qualified personnel who are required in a rapidly developing industry.


Trucking Business Operations and Management.

Trucking Dispatch Operation.

Trucking Business Safety and Compliance.

Trucking Business Information Technology.

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To professionalize the arts, science and practice of trucking business operations and management in all its ramifications; promote and foster global best practices in the profession, build a community of trucking business managers for meaningful networking, mentoring and peer support, continuing education, professional development, innovation, and learning.



To design, develop and build the body of knowledge, education, training and experience requirements for trucking business operations and management; set professional standards and code of ethics for individuals and entities seeking to become a member of the institute in Canada and internationally.



To design, develop and award the Chartered Trucking Business Manager (Ch.TBM); Certified Trucking Dispatch Specialist (CTDS); and the Certified Trucking Safety & Compliance Specialist (CTSCS) designations as the hallmarks of professional competence for practitioners in the trucking business industry in Canada and internationally, and also to maintain the best professional standard.



To admit to the association as members, only individuals and entities who demonstrate the highest standards of professional competence, skill, and integrity; and also, to maintain a register.



To educate the public about the association, its mandate, activities, membership types, entry routes, the designations and the certification process.



To promote and maintain dialogue and cooperation with governments, educational institutions, private corporations, other professional associations, and the public, in furtherance of the association’s objects.


The Chartered Institute of Trucking Business Management (CITBM™) Certification

To promote the Chartered Institute Of Trucking Business Management (CITBM™) designations as the hallmark of professional competence for practitioners in the industry and also maintain best standards. The chartered institute of trucking business management designations are signals of quality and competence to the profession, the public and government. The CITBM designation is a testament of professional competence of its holder in the industry, employers, and clients.

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The CITBM Mandate

CITBM is an international certifying body for professionals in the trucking industry. We believe that the development and facilitation of professional registration is critical to personal, professional, and business success of members. We exist to make this happen.

CITBM perform engagements for a multitude of purposes, including trucking business operations, trucking dispatch operations, trucking technology management, and trucking safety and compliance management.

The association seeks to professionalize the truck business operations and management, establish a body of knowledge, professional standards for members, educational requirements, and ethical guidelines which will support and promote the integrity of the trucking business profession in Canada and internationally, for the benefit of its members, numerous stakeholders, and the public in general.


A world of opportunities

The chartered institute of trucking business management of Canada is the number one choice for those seeking career development in the trucking business operations & management: and a trusted name in the industry.

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