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Non Professional Membership
Student Membership

Joining as a student member is the first step in getting into the Trucking Business Management career. It is also the gateway towards becoming a Chartered Trucking Business Management professional. CITBM Student membership is perfect for you if you are a full-time student in any educational institution and is interested in developing a career in trucking business operations and management.

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Professional Membership
Associate Membership

CITBM associate membership shows that you are committed to professional development and to building a successful career in trucking business operations and management, logistics, transportation management, supply chain management and other allied sectors. Entry into this grade of the Institute’s membership, the individual must have a minimum of a post secondary school qualification or any vocational qualification. In addition to this, the applicant also requires a minimum of one year relevant professional experience.

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Full Membership

This grade is the capstone professional membership grade of the institute. To qualify for this grade of membership, Individuals should hold the Ch.TBM designation or any recognized academic, professional or vocational training in logistics, Supply chain management, trucking dispatch, trucking business management, trucking safety and compliance, transportation management and other allied sectors. This individual must have a minimum of a post secondary school qualification. Minimum professional experience requirement for this grade is 3 years.

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Fellow Membership

Being awarded a CITBM fellowship shows recognition of ongoing contribution at the highest level within the trucking industry. To qualify for admission into this grade, individuals must have made verifiable contributions to the trucking business industry, normally with not less than five years experience in the industry. Individuals are invited by the Institute’s Board of Directors into this grade of membership.

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Corporate Membership

CITBM corporate membership program is available to companies who conduct their business in the field of trucking business operations, logistics, supply chain management, and transportation management. This will offer an opportunity for the industry and CITBM to form a long-term strategic partnership and quality relationship.

Interested employees of a strategic partner could benefit from continuous professional development plan of CITBM by enlisting as an enterprise member within their organisation. Successful employee could have their organisation cover the cost of membership and certification or have a discounted fee.

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