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CTDS Certification

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CTDS Certification
CTDS | Certified Trucking Dispatch Specialist (Coming Soon)

Chartered Institute Of Trucking Business Management understands the need for career advancement of pioneer members in the trucking and logistics industry. so therefore, in the first year of this professional body, entry requirements for a certified trucking dispatch specialist will be through professional experience and educational qualifications.

Certified Entry Path

Stage 1


Once you are registered, you can begin your certified entry path (CEP) application by submitting the following information online. Find below list of requirements:

Details of your career history that clearly demonstrates the depth and breadth of your trucking business operations & management experiences, or related fields like, logistics, supply chain management, transportation management, especially over the last 3 years.

A full job description of your current role.

A testimonial letter from your line manager confirming that you work in the role described in your job description. This letter needs to be signed and on corporate headed paper.

Confirmation that your certification and test is up to date. Ethics is at the heart of all we do and practice.

An organization chart on which your role is clearly visible. Up and down reporting lines should also be included.


Stage 2

Assessment & Notification

Once your application has been received, we will carry out a desktop assessment to determine if the applicant has met the certification requirement, we will then request your confirmation and acceptance onto the route, and to invite you to make payment of the examination fee.


Stage 3

Pay for Certification

Choose the date of examination and pay.


Stage 4

Examination Link

CITBM will send the link to take the examination.


Stage 5


Award Of Credentials.