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Joining as a student member is the first step in getting into the trucking business management career. It is also the gateway towards becoming a chartered trucking business management professional. CITBM Student membership is perfect for you if you are a full-time student in any educational institution and are interested in developing a career in trucking business operations and management.

CITBM associate membership shows that you are committed to professional development and to building a successful career in trucking business operations and management, logistics, transportation management, supply chain management and other allied sectors. Entry into this grade of the Institute’s membership, the individual must have a minimum of a post secondary school qualification or any vocational qualification. In addition to this, the applicant also requires a minimum of one-year relevant professional experience.

This stage is the capstone professional membership grade of the institute. To qualify for this grade of membership, Individuals should hold the Ch.TBM designation or any recognized academic, professional, or vocational training in logistics, supply chain management, trucking dispatch, trucking business management, trucking safety and compliance, transportation management and other allied sectors. This individual must have a minimum of a post secondary school qualification. Minimum professional experience requirement for this grade is 3 years.

Being awarded a CITBM Fellowship shows recognition of ongoing contribution at the highest level within the trucking industry. To qualify for admission into this grade, individuals must have made verifiable contributions to the trucking business industry, normally with not less than five years experience in the industry. Individuals are invited by the institute’s board of directors into this grade of membership.

Yes. Continuous professional development is a great step for students in the trucking and allied industry, to leverage on certification to rise through the ranks, thereby gaining more recognition in the industry.

This is where corporate organisations enlist their team into career developments courses and training platform. Benefit includes, networking with-in community of professionals in the trucking and other allied industries, discounted membership and certification fees. You also receive preferential rates on conferences, seminars, certificates, and certifications.

Access to community of trucking professionals, member-only webinars, virtual events and more. CITBM | Chartered Institute of Trucking Business Management of Canada also partners with many national companies to bring exclusive discounts and promotional offers to our members. Login to the Members’ Section for more information.

Meet and connect with like-minded peers, leading industry professionals and potential future employers at local and national CITBM events.

Receive essential industry news, information, and updates straight to your inbox via our member newsletter.

CITBM corporate membership program is available to companies who conduct their business in the field of trucking business operations, logistics, supply chain management, and transportation management. This will offer an opportunity for the industry and CITBM to form a long-term strategic partnership and quality relationship.

With an enterprise membership, your organisation pays part or all the fees for membership and certifications. This right you may enjoy if you are still within your organisation. So regardless of who occupies a role, organisations can offer their workforce a valuable professional association membership, empowering them to stay one step ahead.

Log on to and go to your profile page or click your name at the top right corner of the website. From there, you can access your dashboard to renew your membership and chapter membership(s). While in your page, please make sure all shipping and billing address fields are completed and your saved payment method is current.

If you do not renew your membership by your expiration date, that means your membership has expired and you will no longer have access to your membership benefits such as, access to online communities, tools, virtual events and webinars, professional membership network and directory, latest news in the industry, and lots more.

Your membership will be active shortly after your application and payment are received. You will receive a confirmation email notifying you of your membership activation.

This is where existing members of CITBM institute come together to form a local chapter in their community, For the most part, CITBM chapters are established under the umbrella body of CITBM Canada, but have their own board, and operate independently.

Yes. You can be CITBM member and also join your local chapter. However, you cannot be a chapter member without being a CITBM member. Your CITBM and chapter membership expiration dates will be the same regardless of when you add a chapter. The day your register and join CITBM Canada is the same as your local chapter membership.

No. CITBM membership is different from CITBM certifications. However, as a member, you will have access to many benefits including discounts on your certification exam fee as well as discounts on professional development opportunities to help with the maintenance of your certification.

CITBM membership is for one year from the date of your membership activation. You can renew your membership as early as 90 days from your expiration date.

No. paying for your membership does not automatically renew your certifications. These are separate fees and processes.

Yes, you can make payment with your local currency through your valid debit or credit card.

Final charges are applied in Canadian Dollar ($CAD) and may be subject to exchange rate changes and additional bank fees in your local currency.