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STRATEGIC PLAN (2021 - 2025)

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CITBM™ - Chartered Institute of Trucking Business Management™

CITBM are proven experts in trucking business operations and management.

A CITBM™ designation holder has demonstrated competencies in trucking business operations, trucking dispatch management, trucking business technology, trucking business safety and compliance, trucking business relationships and stakeholder’s management.

The association seeks to professionalize the truck business operations and management, establish a body of knowledge, professional standard for members, educational requirements, and ethical guidelines which will support and promote the integrity of the trucking business profession in Canada and internationally, for the benefit of its members, numerous stakeholders, and the public in general.



We are collaborative and encourage inclusiveness in achieving our objectives.


We are open to new opinions, new ideas, and new ways of doing things.


We focus on result for members, while applying best practices through an ethical framework.


We do the things that support our mission, and only those things.

Our Mission

To create a community of trucking business management professionals that inspire excellence, build meaningful connections, foster innovation and continuous career improvement.

Our Vision

To foster and nurture professionalism in trucking business operations and management.


On Stakeholders

  • Improve professionalism in the industry and encourage adherence to code of professional conduct.
  • Subject matter expertise in trucking business operations, transportation management, logistics and supply chain management.
  • Improving regulation and safety compliance in the trucking industry.
  • Increase government recognisation of trucking business management as a profession in North America and internationally.

On Members

  • Fostering trucking business education and practice through world-class thought leadership and a growing body of knowledge.
  • Encouraging mandatory professional learning through continous skills development and knowledge for greater personal and business effectiveness.
  • Promotion of the CITBM designation and creation of more awareness through-out the industry.
  • CITBM enchanced value proposition increases members' return on investment and enables the profession to grow.

On the Association

  • CITBM will promote career development opportunities which will become essential to members’ continued success.
  • CITBM will be a sought-out advisory and regulatory body on matters affecting the trucking business operations and management.
  • CITBM membership, organization and chapters will be sustainable.

Strategic Initiatives


Promote the Designation

Promote CITBM designation so that it is recognised and adopted as the preferred certification mark for professionals in the trucking business industry in Canada and internationally.

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Evolve the Profession

Modernize the profession of trucking business operations and management, build its body of knowledge to reflect innovation and advancement in the industry, and meet the evolving needs of our members, and other stakeholders.

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Grow the Association

Create value proposition that makes membership of CITBM Institute indispensable to all practitioners in the trucking industry.

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